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Clausthal Centre Of Process Engineering Systems
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The Clausthal Centre of Process Engineering Systems - Design and Research - is a common facility of the Technical University (TU) Clausthal and was founded to provide access for researchers to the Clausthal installations. COPES is a facility under the Access to Large-Scale Facilities Activity of the Specific Programme for Research and Technological Development, including Demonstration, in the field of the Training and Mobility of Researchers (TMR-Programme), decided by the Council of the European Union in December 1994. This access will be provided free of charges to authorised researchers and will include all infrastructural, logistical, technical and scientific support.
The research activities united in Copes are aimed at the development of new environment friendly processes using advanced machinery and supporting technologies and the implementation of these results. COPES incorporates departments of the Technical University Clausthal, the "Institute of Oil and Gas Research" (IfE), an independent public institution, and the "Environmental Engineering Institute Ltd." (CUTEC), an external research institution of the Federal State of Lower Saxony.
The co-operation of the described institutions leads to a unique offer of local concentrated installations that will give to foreign researchers the opportunity to participate and practice in the field of process engineering machines and systems.

The deadline for applications is every end of a quarter.

The following information on COPES is available:

*General information
* List of installations
* List of feasible experiments
* Involved departments (TUC) and institutions
* Publications of COPES
* Application forms for downloading
* Information about Clausthal
* TMR-homepage

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